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Couture or not to Couture?

What do you do now? You have the ring, you have the venue. And here you are looking at one page after another of wedding invitation catalogues, that look more and more alike the deeper you search. You know the ones … the ones with the pearl doves, pearl rose, colored frames, the ones that are just a piece of paper with some words. As a matter of fact you might have received one of these in the mail before if only you could remember because nothing you are looking at is memorable. Now you are asking yourself… do I want my invitation to be …. like this.

You know yourself and you know what you thought in the past when you received invitations that underwhelmed you. Be true to yourself and opt for an invitation that is truly you, an invitation that is far from cookie cutter and will make a lasting impression. You can opt for an invitation that is as fresh and uniquely beautiful just like you are. Be honest, don’t you want and invitation that will set the tone for the rest of your wedding and inspire excitement and anticipation in all of your guests and have them anxiously waiting the day that will start a new chapter of your life?

Hiring Inviting Luxury will ensure that your invitation reflects your culture, your personality, sense of style and will communicates all the information that you want your guest to know.

You know you care about the details.. you know the ones I’m talking about like the fold of the napkins or rhinestones on that particular pair of shoes. You also you deserve to be treated like the bride you are and receive an unparalleled level of service and personal attention. At Inviting Luxury we are committed to build a relationship with you and give you the service that you deserve.

Why else should you consider Inviting Luxury?
Because we’re passionate about making it right.